Readings for the Financial Risk Manager Vol II

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Readings for the Financial Risk Manager Vol II

English | 2005 | 536 Pages | ISBN: 0471782971 | PDF | 14 MB

Readings for the Financial Risk Manager, Volume 2The second volume of essential readings for risk professionals taking GARP's FRM(r) Exam-the #1 exam for financial risk management accreditation.Readings for the Financial Risk Manager, Volume 2 CD-ROM and its companion, Readings for the Financial Risk Manager CD-ROM, are the most efficient and economical way to access the core readings from the FRM(r) Examination Study Guide. Over 1,700 pages of essential reading material are now at your fingertips on these two CD-ROMs, all easily viewed in pdf format, with over 500 pages of material provided here in Volume 2. For one-stop convenience, this CD-ROM and its companion contain 72 out of 100 recommended readings suggested by the FRM Committee. Also included is a complete appendix bibliography, so that you can easily reference any supplementary reading materials not available on either CD-ROM. In total, both CD-ROMs provide immediate or reference access to all other essential readings recommended by the Global Association of Risk Professional's FRM Committee for the FRM(r) Exam.The reading selections by the FRM Committee are representative of the theory and concepts used by practicing risk management professionals. The FRM Committee, which oversees the selection of reading materials for the FRM(r) Exam, suggests these readings for those registered for the FRM(r) Exam and any other risk professional interested in the "mission critical" knowledge essential to their profession.In addition to these readings, GARP also recommends the most current edition of the Financial Risk Manager Handbook, by Philippe Jorion, for those taking the FRM(r) Exam. Risk professionals may gain further information about GARP, the FRM(r) Exam, and the Financial Risk Manager Handbook through www.garp.com or www.wiley.com.The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) is the leading global association for risk management professionals, with over 46,000 members worldwide. Ren? M. Stulz, Everett D. Reese Chair of Banking and Monetary Economics at the Ohio State University, and Rich Apostolik, President and Chief Executive Officer of GARP, served as coeditors for this collection of selected readings in financial risk management.Neither Mr. Stulz or Mr. Apostolik or any other member of the GARP FRM Committee is permitted to receive royalties from this CD-ROM. Any royalties must either be paid to GARP in support of the examination or be given to a charity.

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