COVID-19 in Dermatology

COVID-19 in Dermatology

English | 2023 | ISBN-10: 3031455851 | 196 pages| Epub PDF (True) | 33 MB

Since the first cases of an acute respiratory illness were reported, the pathogen SARS-coV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) and its disease, COVID-19 have disrupted the world and changed the course of medical history. Clinics were under lockdown and supplies of critical drugs such as biologics and meladinine were delayed. The prolonged impact of disease has taken its toll on patients, their careers, medical staff, research and medical education. Shortly after the first landmark studies of COVID-19 vaccine trial data were made known, global mass vaccination programs were underway. Vaccine technology has expanded beyond messenger RNA (mRNA) to include non-replicating viral vectors, inactivated virus, and protein subunits. Cutaneous manifestations of vaccine reactions, including non-mRNA and their morphological patterns, indications and contraindications, vaccine global access, equity, allocation of booster doses, emerging COVID variants and subvariants, waning vaccine and treatment efficacy are the issues that begged to be explored. New oral therapies are available for treatment of COVID-19 but they bring with them drug-drug interactions and potential side effects.This book is a compilation of a concerted effort by dermatologists across the globe to join hands against COVID-19. Each chapter has been written by experts in the field, with first-hand experience and synthesized literature to offer the most up-to-date coverage in the fast-paced, changing landscape of COVID-19 in dermatology. COVID-19 in Dermatology is a valuable resource for dermatologists, dermatology residents and medical students, and general practitioners.

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