Easy React Js for Beginner Developers

Easy React Js for Beginner Developers
English | 2020 | ISBN: 9781005509521 | 194 pages | PDF, EPUB | 4 MB

It is no doubt that React JS is one of the highly in-demand web skills at the moment. This makes it a necessity for you as a developer to add it on your resume’ if you are aiming to create modern real-world web applications.
In this book, we have you covered.

You will not only learn the React fundamentals, but you will also be able to create modern React applications and deploy them on the internet for free.
This will also place you in a position to start working on a web application that is built on React. A very good example is the Gatsby site which is a static site generator and a platform most developers are now shifting to. Also, if you are the WordPress person, the block editor often called Gutenberg is built on React. So you don’t have a choice than to learn this library if you aim to become a better WordPress theme developer.
More so, this book covers some other important topics that will make creating and deploying a React app on the web a breeze.

Some of these include the NPM version control with Git, selecting and installing the right text editor for your project and many more.

In addition to the core React knowledge, this edition covers the React Hooks. You’ll learn what they are and how you can apply them in your project.

So if you like detailed and visual writing guides, plenty of tasks to be executed, then you’ll love this React book.
Go ahead and read carefully, you’ll be happy reading it.
I guarantee it!

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