Handbook of Integrated Circuit Industry

Handbook of Integrated Circuit Industry

English | 2023 | ISBN-10: 9819928354 | 2065 pages| Epub PDF (True) | 163 MB

Written by hundreds experts who have made contributions to both enterprise and academics research, these excellent reference books provide all necessary knowledge of the whole industrial chain of integrated circuits, and cover topics related to the technology evolution trends, fabrication, applications, new materials, equipment, economy, investment, and industrial developments of integrated circuits. Especially, the coverage is broad in scope and deep enough for all kind of readers being interested in integrated circuit industry. Remarkable data collection, update marketing evaluation, enough working knowledge of integrated circuit fabrication, clear and accessible category of integrated circuit products, and good equipment insight explanation, etc. can make general readers build up a clear overview about the whole integrated circuit industry.
This encyclopedia is designed as a reference book for scientists and engineers actively involved in integrated circuit research and development field. In addition, this book provides enough guide lines and knowledges to benefit enterprisers being interested in integrated circuit industry.

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