Information-Driven Machine Learning: Data Science as an Engineering Discipline (True)

Information-Driven Machine Learning: Data Science as an Engineering Discipline (True)

English | 2 January 2024 | ISBN-10: 3031394763 | 289 pages| True (PDF, EPUB) | 21 MB

This groundbreaking book transcends traditional machine learning approaches by introducing information measurement methodologies that revolutionize the field.
Stemming from a UC Berkeley seminar on experimental design for machine learning tasks, these techniques aim to overcome the 'black box' approach of machine learning by reducing conjectures such as magic numbers (hyper-parameters) or model-type bias. Information-based machine learning enables data quality measurements, a priori task complexity estimations, and reproducible design of data science experiments. The benefits include significant size reduction, increased explainability, and enhanced resilience of models, all contributing to advancing the discipline's robustness and credibility.
While bridging the gap between machine learning and disciplines such as physics, information theory, and computer engineering, this textbook maintains an accessible and comprehensive style, making complex topics digestible for a broad readership. Information-Driven Machine Learning explores the synergistic harmony among these disciplines to enhance our understanding of data science modeling. Instead of solely focusing on the "how," this text provides answers to the "why" questions that permeate the field, shedding light on the underlying principles of machine learning processes and their practical implications. By advocating for systematic methodologies grounded in fundamental principles, this book challenges industry practices that have often evolved from ideologic or profit-driven motivations. It addresses a range of topics, including deep learning, data drift, and MLOps, using fundamental principles such as entropy, capacity, and high dimensionality.

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