Policing Crisis Situations

Policing Crisis Situations

English | 17 December 2022 | ISBN-10: 3031229088 | 98 pages| Epub PDF (True) | 2 MB

This brief examines proactive steps police can take to lessen the potential for disaster, improve preparedness for disasters that do occur and enhance our ability to respond to and recover from them. Featuring several countries across the globe as case studies, it illustrates the predictability of various natural and manmade disasters and the need of the local police organizations to develop contingency plans to save lives and structures.
With disaster losses and the human toll reaching staggering rates, and even more destructive events projected for the future as the climate shifts, there is a need for action by police and the local communities together. This volume offers a proactive plan that needs to be put in place for future crises, based on the projected predictability of reoccurring events.
The brief can serve as a template for other countries and police task forces that have and will face similar crises situations in the future.

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