The Rules of Programming: How to Write Better Code, First Edition

The Rules of Programming: How to Write Better Code, First Edition

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1098133110 | 343 pages | EPUB | 1 MB

This philosophy-of-programming guide presents a unique and entertaining take on how to think about programming. A collection of 21 pragmatic rules, each presented in a standalone chapter, captures the essential wisdom that every freshly minted programmer needs to know and provides thought-provoking insights for more seasoned programmers.

Author Chris Zimmerman, cofounder of the video game studio Sucker Punch Productions, teaches basic truths of programming by wrapping them in memorable aphorisms and driving them home with examples drawn from real code. This practical guide also helps managers looking for ways to train new team members.

The rules in this book include

As simple as possible, but no simpler
Let your code tell its own story
Localize complexity
Generalization takes three examples
Work backward from your result, not forward from your code
The first lesson of optimization is don't optimize
A good name is the best documentation
Bugs are contagious
Eliminate failure cases
Code that isn't running doesn't work
Sometimes you just need to hammer the nails

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