Italic Way to Beautiful Handwriting


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Italic Way to Beautiful Handwriting
English | ISBN: 002079990X | 127 pages | 1977 | PDF | 24.06 MB

The Italic Way to Beautiful Handwriting is your key to mastering the Italic hand quickly and simply----minutes a day will do it. A step-by-step, trace-and-copy manual, it shows how to develop the handwriting you would really prefer---legible and beautiful, yet characteristically your own.

What is Italic handwriting? It was developed in early Renaissance as a "speedwriting" technique by the Papal scribes who wanted to combine beauty and legibility with speed. Today, it is occasionally used on diplomas and other special papers.

Now, through modern teaching methods developed by Fred Eager, this handwriting can be yours. Mr. Eager's methods have been widely used throughout the U.S., and Italic classes and clubs have sprung up from coast to coast. Indeed, numerous school systems have adopted the Eager system for teaching writing in the primary grades.

The foundation of the Eager system is a dual approach: you learn two basic hands simultaneously---calligraphic and cursive---one handsome, the other functional, and then find the happy medium between.

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