The First and Original Inventor: Human Powered Transportation Means for the 21st Century

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The First and Original Inventor: Human Powered Transportation Means for the 21st Century

English | ISBN-10: 9781524618469 | 358 pages | 2016 | PDF | 56 MB

This publication is a culmination of everything experienced that is relevant to the analytical development of human-powered transportation means. Digesting the information in these publications will make it so that anyone can design and develop their own twenty-first-century human-powered means of transportation and be weaned off the umbilical cords of combustible petroleum by-products and electricity. The necessity for locomotion, heat, flight, present-day speeds, and anything which is developed by the internal combustion engine is conquered by these means of applying force and motion into society as we know it today. No more fuel is required. Be ready to spend the next however long copying of my research. This publication is being made to void the obviousness to prevent patent for these ideas and discoveries. There may be some repetition of material in the publication, but it is all just good practice. I hope you enjoy rifling through my work. As it may be possible to realize, this is not just some work that may be "talked" about, and illegal lines of questioning are virtually impossible to respond to. You might say "Explain yourself!" is insanity. This is the end result of what started in November 1988, and all there is here is the conclusion of all the working out of all the "bugs" and the perfecting of it all. This work constitutes virtually everything I wanted to know about everything I ever wanted to know anything about, and I still have more to ascertain within the means of my capability, although to me it is routine now.

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