Black & White Photography: the art of making great black & white photos

Black & White Photography: the art of making great black & white photos

English | 97 pages | Steve G Pease (2021) | ASIN: B072N2CSGX | EPUB | 7.84 Mb

Black and white photography has gained popularity over the years. Most serious photographers have tried or want to try to be proficient with black and white photography.
When you finish this book you will be able to see things in the way that will allow you to make your best black and white photos. You will learn techniques that will give you the skills to wow viewers.
The goal of being a photographer is to make art that when someone looks at your work, they will say wow. That is awesome.
To be able to wow viewers, you need to learn some techniques and skills that will allow you to see things in a way that you probably have not seen things before. Learning the skills needed to be your best just takes practice. Learning to see things in a way most people don’t.
This book is written to show you how to do several of the techniques that will make you a better photographer. You will be able to create photos that people will look at and say wow. They will want to see more.
What you will learn in this book
Why should you take photos in black and White?
There can be many subtle tone differences you can’t get in a color photo.
Black and white can bring out your creativity more than with color.
You see light different in black and white than you do in color.
Black and white brings out to emphasises emotion in the shot.
Black and white highlights form patterns and negative space.
Without color, you see the interaction of the lines in the shot, to bring out the shapes and forms.
Flat light also has more options to make a shot interesting. Most flat light shots are boring.
Black and white photos can be much more dramatic.
Bringing out texture is much easier in black and white photography.
Learning to shoot well in black and white will make you a better photographer when shooting in color.
Shooting black and white makes you focus more on the composition.
Color will not distract from the creativity or the emotion of the shot.
You can create a certain mood in the shot you can’t do in color.
You will also learn
You will learn how to take a color photo you have and convert it to black and white and get the most out of it.
You will learn hot to see the shades in landscape shots to make the ultimate black and white landscapes.
How to use infrared filters to get really cool effects.
How to make great black and white portraits to bring out the best in your subjects.
How to add texture to bring out the best photos
How to use selective color in your black and white photos to make them pop and create something special.
How to create a great high key photo like many advertisers have used to see products because it creates an emotional effect to grab attention.
About my skills
I have taken hundreds of thousands of photos over the past 40 years. Many have been black and white. I have studied photography in practice and photography in school. Practice is the best way to learn. Learn by using your eyes and the tools you have to make the best shots you can.
Most people like to take photos in color. Color is great, but there is something special about a great black-and-white photo. It generates an emotional response. It affects the viewer in a way color can’t. Different techniques of black and white will make them say wow. Using selective color and infrared, filters and texture will bring out the best. Learn how to do it now with the methods in my book.

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