Peptidomics: Methods and Applications

Peptidomics: Methods and Applications
English | 432 pages | Wiley-Interscience; 1 edition (December 14, 2007) | 0471677817 | PDF | 6.88 Mb

The definitive guide to peptidomics- a hands-on lab reference

The first truly comprehensive book about peptidomics for protein and peptide analysis, this reference provides a detailed description of the hows and whys of peptidomics and how the techniques have evolved. With chapters contributed by leading experts, it covers naturally occurring peptides, peptidomics methods and new developments, and the peptidomics approach to biomarker discovery. Explaining both the principles and the applications, Peptidomics: Methods and Applications:

Features examples of applications in diverse fields, including pharmaceutical science, toxicity biomarkers, and neuroscience

Details the successful peptidomic analyses of biological material ranging from plants to mammals

Describes a cross section of analytical techniques, including traditional methodologies, emerging trends, and new techniques for high throughput approaches

An enlightening reference for experienced professionals, this book is sufficiently detailed to serve as a step-by-step guide for beginning researchers and an excellent resource for students taking biotechnology and proteomics courses. It is an invaluable reference for protein chemists and biochemists, professionals and researchers in drug and biopharmaceutical development, analytical and bioanalytical chemists, toxicologists, and others.

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