Poisons Their Effects and Detection

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Poisons Their Effects and Detection

English | 713 pages | The Perfect Library (November 20, 2015) | 1519645856 | PDF | 13.45 Mb

Poisons Their Effects and Detection
Alexander Wynter Blyth, A pioneering and in novative Public Analyst ( 1844-1921)

This ebook presents «Poisons Their Effects and Detection», from Alexander Wynter Blyth. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.

Table of Contents
- About This Book
- Preface To The Third Edition
- Part I. Introductory
- Part Ii
- Part Iii. Poisonous Gases: Carbon Monoxidechlorinehydric Sulphide
- Part Iv. Acids And Alkalies
- Part V. More Or Less Volatile Poisonous
- Part Vi. Alkaloids And Poisonous Vegetable Principles
- Part Vii. Poisons Derived From Living Or Dead Animal Substances
- Part Viii. The Oxalic Acid Group Of Poisons
- Part Ix. Inorganic Poisons
- Appendix
- Treatment
- Domestic Ready Remedies For Poisoning

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