Biomedical Research

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Biomedical Research
: An Insider's Guide
Springer | Neurology | July 11, 2016 | ISBN-10: 1493936530 | 299 pages | pdf | 10.61 mb

Authors: Rutkove, Seward B.
Provides young physicians and scientists a step-by-guide to launching and sustaining a successful research career Includes both “big picture” input on career decision-making and detailed suggestions on how to be a successful researcher Most comprehensive text of its kind in the field

This comprehensive yet concise title is a guide to introducing people at all levels of training—undergraduate students, graduate students, medical students, residents, fellows and junior faculty—to the basic joys and pains of research. In doing so, this fun and easy-to-read guide offers thorough information to allow people to determine for themselves whether research is really for them. By outlining all of the key issues in a biomedical research career, would-be and early-stage researchers will not only be better informed about the world of biomedical research, but will learn a basic set of instructions to help initiate their careers. : An Insider’s Guide is divided into several sections. The first focuses on decision points regarding whether one wants to enter into research and which type for which type of person—basic, clinical, or translational. The second section focuses on some basic practicalities of pursuing medical research, including institutional review boards and animal care committees as well general suggestions regarding idea generation and collaboration. The third section covers a core aspect of research: writing—detailing the writing of both grants and papers. The fourth section addresses a range of issues, including conferencing to patents to industry to philanthropy. The final section deals with the all-important broader life issues from job choices to thoughts on trying to keep the big picture front and center as one moves through a research-infused career. An invaluable resource that offers insightful, practical advice, : An Insider’s Guide is the go-to guide that shows how biomedical research is not only filled with multiple challenges, but is also truly and inexplicably enjoyable.


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