British Weapons Manual (repost)

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British Weapons Manual (repost)
British Weapons Manual (repost)
2013 | ASIN: B00DX4RGDE | 359 pages | EPUB, MOBI | 7 MB

Large numbers of various types and kinds of small-arm weapons are in use in the present War by the Royal Navy, the Army, the Royal Air Force, and the Home Guard. These consist of our own standard and reserve patterns of Rifles, Machine-guns, Light Machine-guns, Machine-carbines, and Pistols, together with many different varieties and calibres of similar weapons from the U.S.A.

It may fall to the lot of anyone in any of the services in battle to require to know how to use any particular one of the various weapons with which he may possibly come in contact. It must be remembered that the man on service may also have the opportunity of employing captured weapons against the enemy. This adds to the extent of the knowledge necessary for the man in the services who desires to make himself an efficient "man-at-arms".

This little book, therefore, has been produced with the intention of summarizing the main items of requisite knowledge about each of the following weapons:

(i) Our own small arm weapons.
(ii) U.S.A. small-arm weapons procured by Great Britain, and (iii) Similar enemy weapons of which sufficient information is available.



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