Engineering Technology Education in the United States

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Engineering Technology Education in the United States
Engineering Technology Education in the United States
ed. by Katharine G. Frase, Ronald M. Latanision, and Greg Pearson
NAS Press | 2017 | ISBN: 0309437717 9780309437714 | 194 pages | PDF | 14 MB

This volume seeks to shed light on the status, role, and needs of ET education in the United States.

The vitality of the innovation economy in the United States depends on the availability of a highly educated technical workforce. A key component of this workforce consists of engineers, engineering technicians, and engineering technologists. However, unlike the much better-known field of engineering, engineering technology (ET) is unfamiliar to most Americans and goes unmentioned in most policy discussions about the US technical workforce.

1 Introduction
2 The Origins of Engineering Technology Education
3 The Production of Engineering Technology Talent
4 The Employment of Engineering Technology Talent
5 Findings and Recommendations
Appendix A: Committee Biographies
Appendix B: Descriptions of Datasets Used in the Committee's Analyses

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