Leopards : : FUNtastic Facts!: Informative Graphics. Big Beautiful Photos. Amazing Facts. Distribution Maps

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Leopards : : FUNtastic Facts!: Informative Graphics. Big Beautiful Photos. Amazing Facts. Distribution Maps
English | April 9, 2016 | ASIN: B01E1XYL56 | 49 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 23.02 MB

Leopards : : FUNtastic Facts is jam-packed with interesting leopard facts; unique and easy to understand graphics; and stunning, high quality professional photography!

The leopard is a beautiful, graceful Big Cat, best known for its spots!

Part of Professor U. Knowitall's BIG CAT Series, 'Leopards : : FUNtastic Facts' will help you learn how to tell the difference between a leopard and a jaguar; how they hunt and how strong they are; how their senses work; and what exactly is a black panther!

Enjoy spectacular photography of leopards relaxing, hunting, cubs playing and remarkable close-ups.

Graphics included in the book

Measurements - Compare the difference in size between a male and female leopard, and see how high and how far the can jump.

Scientific Classification - What genus and species are leopards?

Population & Distribution - Where do leopards live today? Where did they used to live? How many of the very rare Amur leopards are left in the wild?

Evolution - What other animals have the same ancestors as leopards?

Protection Status - Are leopards endangered?

Did you know?

DID YOU KNOW? : : Leopards are often confused with jaguars and cheetahs, but if you look closely you can see they are very different!

DID YOU KNOW? : : Leopards have long whiskers with very sensitive nerve endings which they use to 'touch' the world around them. These whiskers help them to feel their way at night or when walking through long grass.

DID YOU KNOW? : : Leopard tails have a white spot on the tip. Mother leopards hold this up in the long grass to communicate with their cubs.

Book Chapters include:

What do leopards look like?

A leopard's spots

Spot the difference

Not all leopards are the same

How big, tall, fast and far?

Leopard senses

What's in a name!

Population and distribution



A cubs life

Keeping to themselves


What's for dinner?

Black panthers

Protection status

Threats to leopards

Hope for leopards

Leopards : : FUNtastic Facts is Book 3 in Professor U. Knowitall's BIG CAT Series, a fun, fact-filled resource for the whole family!

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