Mediterranean Cuisine: Secrets from Italy's Coastal Kitchens (scanned PDF)

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Mediterranean Cuisine: Secrets from Italy's Coastal Kitchens (scanned PDF)
2011 | 304 Pages | ISBN: 8854406058 | scanned PDF | 68 MB

In leafing through the 130 recipes presented, covering all types of dishes (from antipasti to desserts, from first courses to pizzas and focaccias, and on to second course dishes of meat and fish), the reader can 'savour' the countless expressions of Mediterranean cuisine. Starting with the triad of grains/vegetables/oil, which remains constant, each culture of the Mediterranean basin has throughout millennia of history distilled its own elementary model, typical and distinctive. Owing to the historical and anthropological richness that distinguishes it even today, Italy has succeeded in expressing the Mediterranean model in an infinity of recipes and typical dishes, making the Italian gastronomical tradition unmistakable and inimitable. Eating 'Italian style' thus becomes not only a proper and healthful living habit, but above all, an occasion to savour this exquisite tradition of the Bel Paese.

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