Organic Electrochemistry, Fifth Edition: Revised and Expanded

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Organic Electrochemistry, Fifth Edition: Revised and Expanded
Organic Electrochemistry, Fifth Edition: Revised and Expanded
2016 | ISBN: 1420084011 | English | 1736 pages | PDF | 116 MB

Praise for the Fourth Edition

"Outstanding praise for previous editions….the single best general reference for the organic chemist."
―Journal of the Electrochemical Society

"The cast of editors and authors is excellent, the text is, in general, easily readable and understandable, well documented, and well indexed…those who purchase the book will be satisfied with their acquisition."
―Journal of Polymer Science

"…an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to explore the application of electrochemical technique to organic chemistry and…a comprehensive up-to-date review for researchers in the field."
―Journal of the American Chemical Society

Highlights from the Fifth Edition:

Coverage of the electrochemistry of buckminsterfullerene and related compounds, electroenzymatic synthesis, conducting polymers, and electrochemical fluorination
Systematic examination of electrochemical transformations of organic compounds, organized according to the type of starting materials
In-depth discussions of carbonyl compounds, anodic oxidation of oxygen-containing compounds, electrosynthesis of bioactive materials, and electrolyte reductive coupling
Features 16 entirely new chapters, with contributions from several new authors who also contribute to extensive revisions throughout the rest of the chapters
Completely revised and updated, Organic Electrochemistry, Fifth Edition explains distinguishing fundamental characteristics that separate organic electrochemistry from classical organic chemistry. It includes descriptions of the most important variants of electron transfers and emphasizes the importance of electron transfers in initiating various electrochemical reactions. The sweeping changes and lengthy additions in the fifth edition testify to the field’s continued and rapid growth in research, practice, and application, and make it a valuable addition to your collection.



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