Planning London for the Post-War Era 1945-1960

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Planning London for the Post-War Era 1945-1960
Planning London for the Post-War Era 1945-1960
Published: 2014-09-17 | ISBN: 3319076469 | PDF | 215 pages | 5.77 MB

This book deals with the formation of the post-Second World War reconstruction and planning machinery in Great Britain, the re-planning efforts undertaken in post-war London, and in particular the redevelopment programme regarding its central area in the form of the comprehensive development projects. Originating from a PhD Thesis, the book recreates the atmosphere following step by step arguments and events at various political, socio-economic and technical levels. It also contributes to the understanding of succeeding developments in terms of planning theory and practice. The book is structured into three parts. The first one explores the administrative and statutory developments in town planning matters during the period 1940-59. The second part deals with the plans proposed for London as a whole from independent and official organisations mainly during the 1940s. Finally, the third part examines the proposed projects for the rebuilding of the City of London and for special areas of Central London that suffered from bombing on both sides of the Thames.



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