Recipes from the Galley, A Cookbook for Pirates


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Recipes from the Galley, A Cookbook for Pirates
Recipes from the Galley, A Cookbook for Pirates
by Pirate Edzee Mon
English | 30 Jan. 2017 | ASIN: B01MZFEU83 | 692 Pages | PDF (True) | 17.71 MB

A cookbook and tall story about two pirates who love to eat, and enjoy the fruits of beauty and treasure. The story takes place upon a 1000 ton Spanish galleon warship, named My Lady, somewhere between the 18th and 19th centuries.
The story reveals many dimensions of being a pirate on the sea for long periods of time and lots of recipes, mostly Caribbean, South American, Cajun, and French. Their travels start in the Arabian Sea and takes them down and around Africa sailing through the perils of southern hemisphere waters and Krewe treachery. Then they sail on across the Atlantic to South America into pirate territory and conduct their business at hand for Spain. Then up and on their way to and through the Caribbean gambling their luck away and learning the importance of staying to the code. They then cross the Gulf of Mexico coming face to face with the nasty Pirate La Petite while in route to New Orleans, adding repairs to My Lady and maybe a burial or two. From there they sail south following the west coast of Florida for a side dish of pirate bling at Anchors Pass. On from there they head to the Florida Straits, with a stop for desert and into the final leg of their journey, crossing the Atlantic again and on to Spain, then to have a six month stay in Greece before their next adventure and counting all the booty. While all the readers of this cookbook enjoy a motherload of culinary treasure.

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