Reinforcement Learning with Python: Master Reinforcement Learning in Python Without Being an Expert


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Reinforcement Learning with Python: Master Reinforcement Learning in Python Without Being an Expert

English | 2017 | ASIN: B0731RXLYB | 756 pages | PDF + EPUB + AZW3(conv) | 0.6 Mb

Can You Train a Dog to Sit? If so, You Can Master Reinforcement Learning in No time!Welcome to the world of reinforced learning. This is a world where self-driving cars can be seen on real roads, where programs can beat world champions, where robots are not only a part of futuristic movies. Sound too scientifically involved for your expertise? Don’t worry; reinforcement learning is much more straightforward than you think.

You do not need a college degree or to be a world-class developer in order to build a reinforcement learning application. Some rudimentary Python programming skills and a basic knowledge of Machine Learning is all it takes for this book to turn you into an RL expert.

By describing the concept of reinforcement learning in a simple, non-technical way, teaching you its elements, applications, and algorithms in the most comprehensive way possible while giving you a great jumping-off point with some amazing Python implementations, this book is a definite must-have for everyone who wants to master this popular branch of AI without drowning in the technical nonsense.

Inside this Book You’ll Discover:

The elements of reinforcement learning
Reiniforcement Learning vs. other learning types
Simulated evironments and Policies
A guide to Markov Decision Processes
Dynamic Programming
An exploration of Monte Carlo Methods
The secrets to Q Learning
And much, much more!

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