Super El Niño

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Super El Niño
Springer | Atmospheric Sciences | July 16, 2016 | ISBN-10: 9811005265 | 68 pages | pdf | 12.41 mb

Authors: Hong, Li-Ciao
Proposes a new group of El Niño due to their large magnitude and uniform unique pattern compared to regular El Ninos
Demonstrates that many of what are assumed to be the ENSO’s well-known features are, in fact, the unique features of super El Niños, which occur roughly once a decade
Shows the conclusion that positive feedback from middle/high latitudes comprises an indispensable element in the development of super El Niños

This book offers a new perspective on those El Niños that grow to extraordinary magnitudes, putting forward the claim that these “super El Niños” should be grouped into an isolated cluster. All known super El Niños exhibit pronounced features that are seldom seen in regular El Niños. events, which are marked by a highly deterministic life cycle, will dominate the Earth’s climate for several years. This study identifies the pre-conditions and a booster mechanism that lead to the runaway growth of super El Niños, which is featured by the intense interaction between the anomalous circulation in middle/high latitudes and the ENSO source area. The study not only sheds new light on the fundamental mechanism of the ENSO but also contributes to improving its extended predictability.

Number of Illustrations and Tables
3 b/w illustrations, 36 illustrations in colour
Atmospheric Sciences
Climate Change/Climate Change Impacts

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