The First 100 Strumming Patterns for Guitar

The First 100 Strumming Patterns for Guitar

Mr Joseph Alexander, Mr Tim Pettingale
English | July 7, 2022 | ISBN: 1789333954 | 108 pages | EPUB | 7 MB

Beginner Guitarists: Learn to Strum Every Song Perfectly

Are you ready for the ultimate course in guitar strumming for beginner to early-intermediate players?
Confident rhythm and strumming are at the heart of everything you'll ever do on the guitar, so wouldn't it be great if you could get it right every time... without ever having to think about it?
The First 100 Strumming Patterns for Guitar is the quickest way to develop the essential skills that let you play perfect rhythm guitar, every time.
Unlike some books that take a "technical drill" approach, The First 100 Strumming Patterns for Guitar gets you playing real music quickly.
Why practise boring exercises you'll never want to play again when you could immediately start to make music?
It's a method that combines mastering strumming technique with the fun of playing music.Do you want to build a library of must-know rhythm patterns you'll turn to time and again?Do you want to avoid the bad habits that many self-taught beginners pick up?
Learn the fundamental skills of rhythm guitar strumming, from a seasoned tutor
Joseph Alexander is one of the most prolific writers of modern guitar tuition methods and has sold over 1,000,000 books that have inspired a generation of upcoming musicians. His uncomplicated tuition style is based around breaking down the barriers between theory and performance, making music accessible to all.
With Joseph's expert guidance, you'll learn the following skills:The perfect strumming hand position and techniqueReading and understanding rhythmsMaster the most popular strumming patterns in pop, rock, soul, folk and countryHow to musically vary your strumming patterns to add power and emotion to your musicHow to change chords smoothly while nailing the grooveMaster beautiful chord combinations as you refine your skills
Quickly move from beginner to more advanced skills
When you can play rhythm guitar properly, you'll be a huge asset to any band, so next you'll take your skills further by learning...How to push and pull the beat to add feeling and groove to your musicHow to play the syncopated rhythms heard on hundreds of recordingsAdvanced 1/16th note strumming patterns used in rock and funkHow to master the triplet feel of the blues

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