The Solar System in Close-Up

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The Solar System in Close-Up
Springer | Astronomy | March 30 2016 | ISBN-10: 3319276271 | 291 pages | pdf | 11.28 mb

Authors: Wilkinson, John
Supported by colorful close up images, the book presents what is currently known about the sun, solar system planets, their moons as well as small solar system objects
Provides the latest discoveries and early results of space missions like "Dawn", "Rosetta" and "New Horizons"
Serves as a complete guide to the Solar System
Each chapter begins with a list of recent highlights
Includes also early views on each object discussed

In response to the new information gained about the Solar System from recent space probes and space telescopes, the experienced science author Dr. John Wilkinson presents the state-of-the art knowledge on the Sun, solar system planets and small solar system objects like comets and asteroids. He also describes space missions like the New Horizon’s space probe that provided never seen before pictures of the Pluto system; the Dawn space probe, having just visited the asteroid Vesta, and the dwarf planet Ceres; and the Rosetta probe inorbit around comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko that has sent extraordinary and most exciting pictures. Those and a number of other probes are also changing our understanding of the solar system and providing a wealth of new up close photos. This book will cover all these missions and discuss observed surface features of planets and moons like their compositions, geisers, aurorae, lightning phenomena etc.Presenting the fascinating aspects of solar system astronomy this book is a complete guide to the Solar System for amateur astronomers, students, science educators and interested members of the public.

Number of Illustrations and Tables
35 b/w illustrations, 96 illustrations in colour
Popular Science in Astronomy
Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Sciences


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