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8085 microprocessor:architecture,programming and interfacing

8085 microprocessor:architecture,programming and interfacing

Last updated 3/2022
Created by mohamad gharishvandi
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learn 8085 microprocessor by recreating it. architecture, programming and interfacing of 8085.

What you'll learn:
architecture of 8085 microprocessor
interfacing of 8085
programming of 8085
concept of address space
isa of 8085
transfer instructions in 8085
data manipulation instructions in 8085
flags register in 8085
where does flags register come from in the architecture
interrupts in 8085
interrupts architecture in 8085
machine cycles in 8085

having some basic understanding about different numbering systems, and in general the topics covered in my other course called "creating a cpu using transistors and logic gates" would also help

computer has been created by putting together centuries of different branches of science alongside each other, when you look at your computer processor and it says corei7, if you search it on the internet, you'd see its billions of transistors in a small chip. you can't just go and start studying from there, it doesn't matter how smart you are, you wouldn't understand a thing, in order to understand your computer , you have to study it from the beginning, that's why we created a course before this called "creating a cpu using transistors and logic gates" in which we create a working computer using transistors and logic gates and switches which is able to execute programs, but there is a world of difference between just any working cpu and a world-made processor like 8085. 8085 is an 8-bit microprocessor, if you understand this cpu, then you can move to understand 8086 which is the ancestor of any cpu that you see nowadays and says "x86", the best way to understand topics like even the operating systems also you need to know the underlying hardware. so for those of you who want to learn it the correct way and be as an expert who truly understand every line of the code at the level of wires and switches, just trust this process, the following is the road map that we want to pass:creating a cpu using transistors and logic gates(already available)8085 microprocessor(available)8086/8088 microprocessor(in progress)ibm pc 5150 ibm pc monochrome graphic cardibm pc biosdos operating system80286 microprocessor80386 microprocessorlinux kernel 

Who this course is for:
those who want to know more expert stuff about microprocessors
students who want to pass the exams related the 8085 microprocessor like gate



8085 microprocessor:architecture,programming and interfacing

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