Did You Know? Human Body (Did You Know?) (True EPUB)

Did You Know? Human Body (Did You Know?) (True EPUB)

English | March 9th, 2021 | ISBN: 0744026644 | 146 pages | True EPUB | 46.40 MB

The next ebook in DK's Did You Know? encyclopedia series, covering all aspects of the human body in an engaging question and answer format.

What does the heart do? What are bones made of? Why do we yawn? Explore the intriguing answers to more than 200 questions about the human body in DK's newest biology encyclopedia for kids.

This children's ebook, ideal for ages 6 to 9, will help inquisitive minds find out the answers to all the questions they may have about their bodies, and some they hadn't thought of! Covering amazing organs, fantastic features, and the perplexing ways our bodies work, Did You Know? Human Body helps children come to grips with the gigantic topic that is human biology. Bursting with mind-boggling details and fascinating facts this visually stunning ebook is something that every young scientist will want to own.

Get your children learning with this amazing human body ebook, which includes fantastic facts for curious minds.

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