Effective Execution: Building High-Performing Organizations

Effective Execution: Building High-Performing Organizations

English | June 4th, 2021 | ISBN: 9390252849 | 358 pages | True EPUB | 5.40 MB

'[A]t its core, this is a book about organizational development and a thorough and broad-ranging one at that.... Follow Raghav through this book, he will show you the way.'
• Dr Bill Curtis, Fort Worth, Texas

'Raghav writes about the importance of problem-solving by maintaining a solid execution focus; and getting the job done effectively.'
-Commodore Anand Khandekar I.N. (Retd), Pune

Execution effectiveness has remained an unconscious focus, and not the primary focus, as organizations struggle with mediocre execution most of the times as a result of the interplay between unmindful workplace and workforce ineffectiveness. Effective Execution: Building High-Performing Organizations identifies the core foundations on which both workplace and workforce effectiveness must be fostered to make execution 'mindful of waste'.

It focuses on
• How can an organization enable alignment of individuals' work, when they are drawn into an organization from vastly differing family, social, cultural and competency backgrounds, to achieve common business objectives?
• Why are some implementations more effective than the others when organizations implement the same set of best practices contained in popular management frameworks addressing the topic of performance improvement?

Author Raghav S. Nandyal draws from his worldwide consulting practice and field experiences to help CEOs and managers develop true learning organizations that build and retain advanced knowledge of their business.

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