HBR Guide to Managing Stress

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HBR Guide to Managing Stress

English | May 31st, 2011 | ISBN: 1422144089 | 196 pages | EPUB | 0.79 MB

Stress. We all experience some level of it most days. We know that a certain amount of stress can make us more productive. Unfortunately most of us are more familiar with the debilitating aspects of too much stress: headaches, irritability, lack of patience with colleagues and family, loss of focus and productivity, too much junk food, weight gain or loss, nails bitten to the quick. We all know what we're supposed to do to reduce stress: Get more sleep. Exercise regularly. Avoid too much caffeine and alcohol.

Set priorities. Work more efficiently. Plan ahead. And yet we're more stressed out than ever, and our personal energy is tanking. Can we find new ways to boost our energy, and become more productive?

You'll learn how to: (1) Harness stress so that it spurs your productivity, (2) Renew yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, (3) Juggle it all by proposing a flexible work schedule that will benefit you—and your company, (4) Manage your online time—or step away from it, (5) Leave a bad day at the office at the office, (6) Calm your frayed nerves by venting, meditating, and/or giving yourself a time out, (7) Vacation without your laptop—and without guilt, (8) Stretch at your desk to ease the physical tension of spending too much time at your computer, (9) Help your people manage stress by giving them jobs with purpose, eradicating meaningless tasks and injecting fun into the workplace, and (10) Boost productivity by providing places to nap.

This collection includes: "Stress: Make it Productive, not Destructive," "How to Manage Your Stress Level," "Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time," "Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Life," "Is Work Taking Over Your Life?" "A Practical Plan for When You Feel Overwhelmed," "Grownups Need Recess, Too," "Sleep Is More Important Than Food," "Winning Support for Flexible Work," "The Mostly Unplugged Vacation," "Taking Charge of Stress," "Desk Yoga: 6 Poses You Won't Be Embarassed to Do—Even in an Open Environment," "The Power of Positive Self-Talk," "Make the Weekend Last All Week," and more.

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