Python Distilled (True PDF)

Python Distilled (True PDF)

English | September 22nd, 2021 | ISBN: 0134173279 | 355 pages | True PDF | 2.97 MB

Expert insight for modern Python (3.6+) coding from the author of Python Essential Reference

Python educator Dave Beazley’s concise handbook focuses on the essential core of the Python programming language, with code examples to illuminate how Python works and how to structure programs that can be more easily explained, tested, and debugged. Rather than trying to cover every possible feature and quirk of a 30-year-old language, this pragmatic guide provides a concise narrative related to fundamental programming topics that form the foundation for Python projects of any size including

• Data abstraction
• Control flow
• Program structure
• Functions: master functions and functional programming idioms
• Objects: control objects and master the "protocols" that define their behavior
• Modules: plan for project growth by understanding modules and packages
• Generators
• Classes: understand classes from both high-level and technical perspectives
• I/O handling: proper techniques and abstractions
• Dicts

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