Take Control of Your Apple ID

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Take Control of Your Apple ID

English | December 4th, 2018 | ISBN: 1492070661 | 91 pages | EPUB | 5.31 MB

Prevent (or solve) problems with your Apple ID!

Your Apple ID is much more than a simple username. It's a key that unlocks a long list of Apple products and services on any of numerous devices. iCloud uses an Apple ID; so do iTunes, Apple Music, the App Store on Mac and iOS, the Books app, and more. An Apple ID protects your personal information, including email and iOS backups; helps you find a lost iPhone; and can even unlock your Mac. So it goes without saying that if something goes wrong with your Apple ID, you could be in for a world of hurt.

Unfortunately, things go wrong with Apple IDs all the time. Fortunately, Glenn Fleishman, a veteran technology journalist and the author of Macworld's "Mac 911" column, is ready to help with expert advice on how to manage your Apple ID--including how to prevent, solve, or work around most common problems!

In this book, Glenn answers questions like
• What all is my Apple ID used for?
• How does my iCloud account relate to my Apple ID?
• What problems can two-factor authentication (2FA) solve, and how do I use it?
• Are there other mechanisms I can use to ensure that I can recover an Apple ID in the event of a problem? (Spoiler: yes!)
• What if I have a device that's too old to work with two-factor authentication?
• What should I do if I have two or more Apple IDs or iCloud accounts?
• Will I lose access to all my Apple media purchases if I move to another country?
• Can I share an Apple ID with someone else?
• What exactly should I do if I think someone is hacking my Apple ID account?
• How can I recover a forgotten Apple ID password?
• What steps should I take if Apple locks me out of my account?
• If I lose access to an email address associated with my Apple ID, what can I do?

And that's just the beginning. Glenn has packed a remarkable amount of concise problem-solving information into this compact, 76-page book. Read it before you encounter Apple ID problems to minimize your risk, and if you've already encountered a problem, read it to find the best path to a rapid solution.

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