The Chinese Market Series

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The Chinese Market Series

English | February 3rd, 2022 | ISBN: 163742227X | 562 pages | True EPUB | 21.70 MB

Do you want the most up-to-date knowledge on the Chinese market all in one place? Now you can have it—in a set of 3 must-reads. This three-title collection is a must-have for Western entrepreneurs and SMEs doing business in or with China. The books are packed with practical advice, applicable decision-making processes and strategy options.

The Chinese Market Series set includes

The Chinese Market
An essential factor for the success of entrepreneurs and professionals engaging in business in or with China is being able to understand and correctly set up a sustainable and effective corporate structure. This book discusses different company structures, applicable decision-making processes and management issues to help you choose the most suitable structure. Topics covered include tax, legal, intellectual property rights, common pitfalls, and ways to address them.

The Chinese e-Merging Market
This book is designed to work as a step-by-step guide to the online marketplace and social media environment in China. It provides a detailed overview of the Chinese online market and proposes a variety of strategies available to foreign companies. It contains practical advice, the latest data and relevant links for further reference that Western SMEs, investors, and entrepreneurs can use to establish their online presence in China.

Trading with China
This is a concise and useful handbook to Western businesses, entrepreneurs and investors doing business with or in China. It is an essential guide of great use to anyone who considers exporting goods, services and technology to the Chinese market. It discusses major issues such as market barriers, import requirements, distribution channels, labelling, and operational challenges. The book contains industry information, updated data, key models, practical advice, and strategy options for different types of companies and industry sectors.

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