Writing Deep Viewpoint

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Writing Deep Viewpoint

English | July 14th, 2017 | ISBN: 1621840840 | 142 pages | EPUB | 1.52 MB

"There is no single component of the writing craft as vital to good fiction, and to developing an artistic voice, as point of view. The term covers a great deal of ground, but basically boils down to sharing the world of your characters, starting from within. Writing Deep Viewpoint helps establish a foundation from which a novelist can spread artistic wings and fly. Highly recommended." — Davis Bunn, NYTimes Bestselling Author

Why is deep viewpoint vital for hooking and holding your readers?

Who is narrating each scene of your story?

What are readers really looking for when they pick up a novel?

Where does the real action of a written story take place?

What are the two most important rules of storytelling?

When should viewpoint be established?

Deep viewpoint can convince your readers that they have become your characters. This powerful writing-craft skill set includes showing instead of telling, maintaining story flow, attributing dialogue effectively, and showing characters interact with convincing antagonists and believable settings.

Writing coach, editor, and New York Times best-selling author Kathy Tyers presents a short powerful set of writing-craft tools in Writing Deep Viewpoint.

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