Microsoft PowerShell 6 Foundations

Microsoft PowerShell 6 Foundations

5h 6m | English | 1.22 GB | MP4 | 1280×720 | 569 kb/s | aac, 22050 hz, mono

In this course, Jacob Moran will teach you the essentials of PowerShell Core, the cross-platform evolution of Windows PowerShell. Learn to simplify the common job tasks you'll face as a system administrator while gaining an understanding of pipelines, formatting, variables, jobs, remote PowerShell, functions, and scripting.

Learners who are new to using PowerShell will benefit from working through this course from the beginning, while experienced learners may find it more advantageous to jump into the Nuggets they find most valuable.

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Related Job Functions

IT professionals
Automation specialist
Scripting wizardry


Microsoft PowerShell 6 Foundations

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