Pluralsight CySA+ (CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst) CS0-001

CySA+ (CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst) CS0-001

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This series provides an overview of the knowledge and skills required to prevent, detect, and mitigate information/cyber security threats and vulnerabilities. This series can be used to prepare for the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) examination (Exam CS0-001) first released in February 2017. For 10% discount when you sign up for your next CompTIA exam, use the code "PLURAL10"

What you will learn

How to apply environmental reconnaissance techniques using the appropriate tools and processes
How to analyze the results of network reconnaissance
Given a network-based threat, how to implement or recommend the appropriate response and countermeasure
How to explain the purpose of practices used to secure a corporate environment
How to implement an information security vulnerability management process
How analyze the output resulting from a vulnerability scan
How to compare and contrast common vulnerabilities found within an organization
How to analyze threat data or behavior to determine the impact of an incident
How to prepare a toolkit and use appropriate forensics tools during an investigation
How to explain the importance of communication during the incident response process
How to analyze common symptoms to select the best course of action to support incident response
How to summarize the incident recovery and post-incident response process
How to explain the relationship between frameworks, common policies, controls, and procedures
How to use data to recommend remediation of security issues related to identity and access management
How to review security architecture and make recommendations to implement compensating controls
How to use application security best practices while participating in the software development life cycle
How to compare and contrast the general purpose and reasons for using various security tools and technologies


CompTIA recommends CySA+ candidates have a minimum of 3-4 years of hands-on information/cyber security or related experience. This path does not require any prior knowledge or experience.


CySA+ (CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst) CS0-001

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