Image Sounds - Pro Drums Rock (WAV)

Image Sounds - Pro Drums Rock (WAV)

File Size: 17.3 GB

The backbone and foundation of any rock production would be lost without someone banging on the drums. Ultimate powerful drum sounds, grooves and fills dominate this impressive Pro Drums Rock library. Recorded as multitrack recordings with up to 20 microphones. These inspiring drum performances rock a lush and fat sound with no need for further processing.

Whether as the driving force of your track or as subtle support in your mix. Nothing can push your groove like fat rock drums! You can rely on Pro Drums Rock!

All drum recordings were made at the legendary Horus recording studio in both Recording Room A & B.

Recording Room A features a traditional warm vintage sound. Its different surfaces range from brick to glass and wood. Perfect for warm drums.

The power of drums is experienced in Recording Room B. Build especially for this purpose it´s open and punchy sound gave heart and soul to countless numbers of rock records.


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