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  • byleeman

    Musical Sampling Nylon Rustique KONTAKT

    File Size: 2.16 GB

    Nylon Rustique is an emotional legato nylon guitar library for Kontakt. We wanted to produce an instrument that would suit delicate, emotional lines for slower/moderate-tempo contexts; all housed in a keyswitchless patch.

  • byleeman

    Soundiron Old Busted Granny Piano KONTAKT

    File Size: 1.75 GB

    This library captures the authenticity of a cheap, dusty, beat up, rusting, untuned upright piano - the kind you remember from your grandma's house. We've designed separate string release and key release samples to preserve the piano's eccentric charm.

  • byleeman

    Soundiron Harpsichord KONTAKT

    File Size: 5.7 GB

    The Harpsichord, a keyboard sensation from the 16th to mid 18th century, once ruled European music. This versatile instrument was a star in both Renaissance and Baroque compositions, shining both as an accompanist and a soloist. We captured the piano and forte registers, glisses, slides, percussive impacts, plucks, scrapes and taps.

  • byleeman

    Soundiron Delphi Piano 01 Autumn 1958 KONTAKT

    File Size: 6.11 GB

    This instrument captures the rich, muddy and fuzzed out flavor of late 50s jazz, blues and big band piano, offering an expertly sound-designed piano library with a wide selection of custom FX and atmospheric ambiences that evoke the zeitgeist of the times.

  • byleeman

    Soundiron The Drinking Piano KONTAKT

    File Size: 5.43 GB

    The Drinking Piano is a fat-bottomed monster upright with a classic beer hall sound. This Ivors and Pond piano has got all of the brutal wear and tear you'd expect from a 100 year-old instrument that has been played hard and put away wet, night after night.

  • byleeman

    Soundiron Sandy Creek Organ KONTAKT

    File Size: 2.72 GB

    The Soundiron Sandy Creek Organ library captures the last gasps of life from this well-worn vintage Thomas Monticello organ. Bequeathed to us by a friendly neighbor, this gem had a story to tell.

  • byleeman

    Soundiron Sunroom Upright Piano KONTAKT

    File Size: 2.89 GB

    Sunroom Upright Piano features the mysterious Conn piano with tones that are rich and full, with warm resonance, powerful low end and a woody, even quality. We've also included a huge selection of uniquely designed FX presets to give you robust creative tools.

  • byleeman

    Beat Butcha - Filth Bundle (WAV)

    File Size: 5.25 GB

    Introducing the Beat Butcha - Filth Bundle, which includes the latest versions Beat Butcha's infamous "Filth" series of drum kits. As dirty as they are, these sets are full of the dirtiest sounds for those who love the nastiest drum breaks, scariest beats and melodies. This set has everything you need to make beats: hard drum loops, perks, sounds and music fragments. and developed by Beat Butcha for use in music production and beatmaking.

  • byleeman

    Soundiron Delphi Piano 02 Knightsen Boxgrand KONTAKT

    File Size: 8.92 GB

    Knightsen Boxgrand Piano focuses on massive, emotionally charged textures that overflow with bombast, with intricate detail and a distinctive character. It's not just another ordinary old piano; this one possesses a wild side that pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration outward a little further than we usually go.

  • byleeman

    Sonuscore Warhorns KONTAKT

    File Size: 158 MB

    We’d like to give a big thank you for choosing SONUSCORE as your go-to source for innovative and inspiring sound libraries. We are thrilled to provide you with our latest creation for the free Kontakt Player, WARHORNS.

  • byleeman

    Submission Audio DjinnBass II KONTAKT

    File Size: 7.1 GB

    DjinnBass 2 combines the legendary punch, low note clarity & aggression of the original with the power of hyper-realistic truBass technology. For the first time ever, you can choose pick or fingerstyle - like having two instruments in one.

  • byleeman

    Room Sound Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums Vol. II KONTAKT

    File Size: 10.7 GB

    Recorded On Analog Tape At Electrical Audio. The drums were sampled at Electrical Audio, the legendary Chicago recording studio owned by renowned engineer Steve Albini, and one of the last recording studios to primarily use analog tape as a recording medium.

  • byleeman

    Mixwave Turnstile Daniel Fang KONTAKT

    File Size: 14.7 GB

    Genuine and passionate to the core, Daniel stands out in every aspect. His persona is characterized by a relentless dedication to his unique aesthetics.

  • byleeman

    Getgood Drums The Nolly Bass Library KONTAKT

    File Size: 20.2 GB

    GET NOLLY IN YOUR PRODUCTION. After many years of fine tweaks and meticulous refinement, both live on stage and in the studio, Nolly has crafted an instantly recognizable signature bass sound that has helped define the sound of an entire genre.

  • byleeman

    Submission Audio OmniBass KONTAKT

    File Size: 4.57 GB

    OmniBass is the ultimate virtual homage to Ernie Ball's punchy, pristine Bongo. From glassy, piano-esque highs down to punchy lows, the Bongo will cover anything you throw at it.

  • byleeman

    Purgatory Creek Soundware - Reed Collection Wurlitzer & Hohner KONTAKT

    File Size: 1.15 GB

    The Purgatory Creek Soundware Reed Collection includes no less than four reed-based electro-mechanical pianos spanning a decade of manufacture. Each captures the authentic sound of original instruments with great detail.

  • byleeman

    Cymatics - BUNNY: Hip Hop Sample Pack (MIDI, WAV)

    File Size: 1.11 GB

    300+ New Samples Inspired by Bad Bunny’s

  • byleeman

    Soundiron Orrville Pipe Organ KONTAKT

    File Size: 9.08 GB

    The Orrville Pipe Organ is a classic pneumatic pipe organ with 1,224 pipes, 21 ranks, 3 divisions, 2 manuals, 18 stops and 31 registers. It was built for the First Presbyterian Church of Orrville, Ohio in 1963 by the venerable Schantz Organ Company.

  • byleeman

    Soundiron Hyperion Strings Solo Violins KONTAKT

    File Size: 6.9 GB

    This library features two violinists for life-like duets and layering options. With each player, we included a complete range of chromatic articulations, and an extensive collection of improvised melodic phrases in various styles, dynamics, tempos and keys.

  • byleeman

    Soundiron Hyperion Strings Oktobass KONTAKT

    File Size: 12.6 GB

    The Octobass is the lowest concert string instrument, with a thunderous, room-shaking growl. This 12GB+ library for Kontakt has 30+ articulations, with various sustains, shorts, dynamic expressions, legato, effects, aleatoric phrases, inspiring performance tools, creative options and a huge range of custom spaces.

41 - 60 of 1469