Room Sound Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums Vol. II KONTAKT

Room Sound Kurt Ballou Signature Series Drums Vol. II KONTAKT

File Size: 10.7 GB

Recorded On Analog Tape At Electrical Audio. The drums were sampled at Electrical Audio, the legendary Chicago recording studio owned by renowned engineer Steve Albini, and one of the last recording studios to primarily use analog tape as a recording medium.

The samples were captured using high-quality digital converters, then passed through the immaculately-maintained Studer A820 tape machine at Electrical Audio for authentic tape character.

Built-in Mixer & Effects
• Sixteen individually-controllable channels with full bleed control and 20 studio-quality effects allow you to mix the audio just as if you had recorded it yourself.
• Load mix-ready presets created by Kurt Ballou using the internal mixer and effects - no additional plug-ins required!
• Drag-and-drop your own custom WAV files directly into the instrument to augment the sounds in the library.

Advanced Key Mapping
• Our customizable key mapping options make working with alternate MIDI mappings fast and easy.
• Working with MIDI from another drum library? No problem!
• Pre-configured mapping presets are available for most other drum libraries.
• Our advanced mapping system ensures that all articulations match perfectly.
• Your days of struggling with MIDI mapping issues between different software products are over!

Extensive Microphone Selection
• The entire drum kit was captured in stunning detail with 21 individual microphones, including two sets of stereo overheads and four room mic options.
• Blend the microphones using our included mixer and studio-quality effects, or route each microphone to a separate channel on your DAW for further processing.
• The options are endless!

Optimized For Electronic Drums
• We've included MIDI maps for most popular models of electronic drum kits, along with a "Electronic Kit Setup Wizard" to make setting up your electronic kit a breeze!
• Even inexpensive electronic drum kits can be taken to new levels of playability and sound quality when paired with our groundbreaking humanization engine and advanced e-kit features.

Integrated MIDI Groove Player
• Not a drummer? All of our MIDI grooves are recorded using electronic drum kits to preserve the human timing and feel of a real drum performance.
• Audition grooves using the integrated groove player, then drag-and-drop directly into your DAW.
• The grooves will automatically conform to the song tempo. It's like having a real drummer inside your computer!

About Kurt Ballou
Kurt Ballou is a producer, engineer, mixer and studio owner, with extensive production credits on some of aggressive music's most successful albums.

Kurt's discography includes notable artists such as High On Fire, Russian Circles, Converge, Every Time I Die, Nails, Darkest Hour, Four Year Strong, Code Orange, and many, many more.

In addition to his studio work, Kurt is the guitarist in groundbreaking hardcore/metal crossover act Converge and owner of God City Instruments, makers of guitars, pedals, and DIY circuit board designs.

System Requirements
• Native Instruments Kontakt Player 6.7.1 and above OR Kontakt Full 6.7.1 and above
• MacOS 10.14 Mojave and above
• Windows 10 and above (32 and 64-bit)
• Intel, AMD or Apple Silicon CPU
• 4GB RAM or more (12GB or more recommended)


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