Submission Audio OmniBass KONTAKT

Submission Audio OmniBass KONTAKT

File Size: 4.57 GB

OmniBass is the ultimate virtual homage to Ernie Ball's punchy, pristine Bongo. From glassy, piano-esque highs down to punchy lows, the Bongo will cover anything you throw at it.

Prog? No problem. Jazz? Done. Pop? Yep. Rock & Metal? Easy.

Bass model: Ernie Ball Music Man Bongo 5
Sampled by: The Omnific
Playing style: Finger
Strings: 5
Tuning range: C0 - G4
Articulations: Finger Alternate, Index Finger, Middle Finger, Dead Note, Slap, Dead Slap, Pop, Dead Pop, Harmonic, Hammer On/Pull Off, Tapping, Slide Trigger, Thump Up, Thump Down, Dead Thump Up, Dead Thump Down, Fret Hand Mute, Dead Strum, Harm Thump Up, Harm Thump Down, Harmonic Slap, Harmonic Pop, Dead Palm Rest
Included Tones: DI, Clean, Grit, Distortion, Lead
truBass: Yes


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