UVI Falcon Expansion HX-20

UVI Falcon Expansion HX-20

File Size: 3.58 GB

HX-20 is the first of UVI's new HX Series of instruments, offering an unparalleled hardware sound thanks to a triple threat of sample-based oscillators combined with physically-modeled filters.

An Analog Icon
HX-20 is based on one of the most recognizable and well-loved analog monosynths around, known for its versatile semi-modular architecture, iconic front panel design, and starred musical history. Launched in the late '70s, this small two-oscillator monosynth has a lot to offer, and continues to be an inspirational studio compadre for artists around the world.

More Than The Sum
The success of this synth wasn't due to any single design consideration, instead it benefits from its combination of great features, fantastic sound, and compelling value. From the rich analog oscillators to its versatile filter section, to being both semi-modular - capable of integrating with external inputs and larger systems, to being relatively light and portable, there is simply a lot to love.

A Dynamic Duo
HX-20 is the debut release of UVI's new HX Series - leveraging our deep history in hardware sampling and physical modeling to create flexible, modern instruments with an unmistakable hardware soul, thanks in part to a novel hybrid approach combining hardware samples and wavetables, with physically-modeled filters. With its own unique hybrid sensibilities, we thought this was the perfect instrument to kick things off with.

Hybrid-X Engine
HX-20 is similar to many of our vintage instruments in that you get a deep sampling of the hardware, but it excels in two important ways; the addition of two new layers of hardware-based wavetables, and physically-modeled filters - giving you three sample layers in total to configure, all with the analog charm you know and love. Like our chosen hardware, this unique combination of features creates a powerful and compelling sonic tool with incredible character.

Brought to by the one and only bearded man who wants to remain anonymous. He also saw that the bikini witches were pretty busy and needed some well deserved rest in the sun. His elves have therefore supplied a nice R2RUVI key to complement this nice gift.


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