Biodynamic Wine Growing: Understanding the Vine and Its Rhythms

Biodynamic Wine Growing: Understanding the Vine and Its Rhythms

English | ISBN: 1782506691 | 240 pages | EPUB | September 7, 2021 | 7.96 Mb

Many wine growers have converted to biodynamic viniculture, often to combat the overuse of chemicals and help vulnerable vines. The quality of biodynamic wine is increasingly recognised around the world.

In this fascinating book, Jean-Michel Florin, coordinator of the French biodynamic movement, offers practical advice for both biodynamic wine growers and anyone considering converting to biodynamic methods. Beautifully illustrated with color photographs throughout, this unique resource explores the nature of the vine, reveals the conditions required for healthy vine cultivation and looks to the future of vine research.

It includes:
- an introduction to the theory of biodynamic viniculture and the Goethean method of observation in relation to vines;
- practical articles on all aspects of wine growing, including biodiversity, pruning, treating and preventing disease;
- case studies of biodynamic vineyards from around the world, from the USA to France to New Zealand.
- US vineyards featured include Eco Terreno, Sonoma County, California and Littorai Wines, Sonoma County, California

Drawing on contributions from worldwide biodynamic viniculture experts, this presents a positive global vision for the future of vine cultivation.

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