Melvins - Five Legged Dog (Acoustic) (2021)

Melvins - Five Legged Dog (Acoustic) (2021)
Album Preview
FLAC (tracks), Lossless / Mp3 320 kbps | 2:29:33 | 950 / 342 Mb
Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Acoustic

The Melvins announce their most ambitious project yet: Five Legged Dog, a 36-song newly recorded, acoustic collection featuring a career-spanning collection of songs, from 1987's Gluey Porch Treatments to 2017's A Walk With Love & Death, the entire gamut of the legendary band's catalogue is represented. "I knew I wanted to do something ridiculously big," explains Buzz Osborne of the band's first ever acoustic offering. "36 songs reimagined by us acoustically is certainly ridiculous but it works. The magic of the songs is still there regardless of it being acoustic. Since we weren't touring we had the time to do something of this size. I'm very excited about this record. Dale and Steven did a fantastic job on this. I think it's a very special record. I can't think of anyone else who's done something like this." The band previews the impressive offering with the release of "Night Goat". Dale Crover noted: "I think people will be surprised that we can do an acoustic version of a song like 'Night Goat' without losing any of the heaviness. We also worked hard on the vocal arrangements. People are going to freak out!"
01. Melvins - Edgar the Elephant (Acoustic)
02. Melvins - Up the Dumper (Acoustic)
03. Melvins - Hung Bunny / Roman Dog Bird (Acoustic)
04. Melvins - Hooch (Acoustic)
05. Melvins - Billy Fish (Acoustic)
06. Melvins - Shevil (Acoustic)
07. Melvins - Charlie (Acoustic)
08. Melvins - A Growing Disgust (Acoustic)
09. Melvins - Eye Flys / Woman (Acoustic)
10. Melvins - Pitfalls in Serving Warrants (Acoustic)
11. Melvins - Outside Chance (Acoustic)
12. Melvins - Evil New War God (Acoustic)
13. Melvins - The Bloated Pope (Acoustic)
14. Melvins - Bad Move (Acoustic)
15. Melvins - With Teeth (Acoustic)
16. Melvins - Halo of Flies (Acoustic)
17. Melvins - Oven (Acoustic)
18. Melvins - Sway (Acoustic)
19. Melvins - Anaconda (Acoustic)
20. Melvins - Lovely Butterflies (Acoustic)
21. Melvins - Boris (Acoustic)
22. Melvins - It's Shoved (Acoustic)
23. Melvins - Honey Bucket (Acoustic)
24. Melvins - We Are Doomed (Acoustic)
25. Melvins - Fly Paper (Acoustic)
26. Melvins - Let God Be Your Gardener (Acoustic)
27. Melvins - At the Stake (Acoustic)
28. Melvins - Night Goat (Acoustic)
29. Melvins - Queen (Acoustic)
30. Melvins - Everybody's Talking (Acoustic)
31. Melvins - Revolve (Acoustic)
32. Melvins - Suicide in Progress (Acoustic)
33. Melvins - Prig (Acoustic)
34. Melvins - The Bit (Acoustic)
35. Melvins - Civilized Worm (Acoustic)
36. Melvins - Don't Forget to Breathe (Acoustic)
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