Sir David Willcocks - Three Christmas Cantatas (2022)

Sir David Willcocks - Three Christmas Cantatas (2022)

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Classical, Instrumental, Christmas and Holiday

There are few conductors of choral music who achieved higher levels of recognition or acclaim than Sir David Willcocks. For over 30 years, as conductor of the Bach Choir and director of the Royal College of Music, he achieved a standard of performing and teaching second to none in the musical world. Willcocks was a chorister at Westminster Abbey from ages ten through 14, and later studied at Clifton College before becoming an organ scholar at King's College, Cambridge in 1939. His studies were interrupted by the outbreak of World War II, during which he served in the British Infantry, winning the Military Cross in 1944.
1. In Praise of Mary: I. Prologue
2. In Praise of Mary: II. There is no rose
3. In Praise of Mary: III. A Maid peerless
4. In Praise of Mary: IV. Adam lay y:bounden
5. In Praise of Mary: V. Lully lullay
6. In Praise of Mary: VI. Epilogue
7. A Christmas Garland
8. A Ceremony Of Carols: I. Procession
9. A Ceremony Of Carols: II. Wolcome Yole
10. A Ceremony Of Carols: III. There is no rose
11. A Ceremony Of Carols: IV. That yonge childe
12. A Ceremony Of Carols: V. Balulalow
13. A Ceremony Of Carols: VI. As dew in Aprille
14. A Ceremony Of Carols: VII. This little babe
15. A Ceremony Of Carols: VIII. Interlude
16. A Ceremony Of Carols: IX. In freezing winter night
17. A Ceremony Of Carols: X. Spring carol
18. A Ceremony Of Carols: XI. Deo gracias
19. A Ceremony Of Carols: X!!. Recession
20. The Holy Boy
21. The Bells of St Chad's

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