The Cadets - Right or Wrong: The Pye Singles As & Bs (2022)

The Cadets - Right or Wrong: The Pye Singles As & Bs (2022)

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Mp3 320 kbps | 2:04:42 | 768 / 286 Mb
Pop, RnB, Soul

01. My Heart Echoes
02. Looking Back to See (feat. Jimmy Brendan)
03. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
04. My Whole World Is Falling Down
05. Little Rosa (feat. Jimmy Day)
06. Royal Garden Blues
07. Silver Threads and Golden Needles
08. Hawaii Tattoo
09. Sweet Nothings
10. All the World Is Lonely Now
11. All My Loving (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
12. I Gave My Wedding Dress Away (feat. Eileen Reid)
13. Such a Night
14. Hello Love
15. Chapel of Love (feat. Eileen Reid)
16. Right or Wrong (I'll Be With You)[feat. Eileen Reid]
17. Jealous Heart (feat. Eileen Reid)
18. Baby Roo (feat. Eileen Reid)
19. Raining in My Heart (feat. Jimmy Day)
20. If I Had My Life to Live Over (feat. Eileen Reid)
21. Best of All (feat. Eileen Reid)
22. Mama, Don't Cry at My Wedding (feat. Eileen Reid)
23. The Man Who Makes the Music (feat. Eileen Reid)
24. Just in Case (feat. Eileen Reid)
25. Longing to Hold You Again (feat. Eileen Reid)
26. True Love (feat. Eileen Reid)
27. Are You Teasing Me (feat. Eileen Reid)
28. More Than Yesterday (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
29. Walk With Faith in Your Heart (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
30. At the Close of a Long Long Day (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
31. The Best Part of Loving You (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
32. Harbour Lights (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
33. Girl of Independent Means (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
34. Young and Beautiful (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
35. Land of Gingerbread (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
36. Girl of My Dreams (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
37. Angeline (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
38. C'mon Marianne (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
39. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
40. Naughty Little Girl (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
41. The Dying Ranger (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
42. A Storeen Bawn (feat. Gregory Donaghey)
43. Please Be My Love
44. My Heart Skips a Beat
45. I Fall to Pieces
46. How Come No One Loves Me
47. Roll Over Beethoven
48. Let's Love One Another

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