The Pink Fairies - The Pink Fairies and Friends Vol.2 (2022)

The Pink Fairies - The Pink Fairies and Friends Vol.2 (2022)

Album Preview
FLAC (tracks), Lossless / Mp3 320 kbps | 3:15:13 | 446 Mb / 1,28 Gb
Psychedelic Rock, Acid Rock, Proto Punk

Three CD set. Following on from our 2020 release Pink Fairies and Friends Volume 1, we bring you the second instalment, a collection courtesy of Paul Rudolph, and Andy Colquhoun who joined the Fairies on guitar and vocals for their 1987 album Kill 'Em And Eat 'Em. First off, we have a live recording of The Pink Fairies in Finland 1971 followed by Buried Treasure by Mick Farren & Andy Colquhoun of The Pink Fairies' forerunner The Deviants. And finally Andy Colquhoun's solo album String Theory. Though the whole Deviants/ Fairies ramshackle, often dysfunctional circus amounted to a mere footnote in the broader history of Brit rock and roll, it was an entertaining and frequently thrilling ride. This top value set righteously celebrates the Fairies and their Deviant family.
CD 1
01. Introduction
02. Tomorrow Never Knows
03. The Snake
04. Uncle Harry's Last Freakout
05. Walk Don't Run

CD 2
01. Cheat the Fire
02. Whores and Ugly Buildings
03. Gunfire in the Night
04. Touched by the Fire
05. Fury of the Mob
06. Eating Jello with a Heated Fork
07. Three Headed Lobster Boy
08. Thunder on the Mountain
09. Do Like That
10. Lost Johnny
11. Text of Festival
12. The Quest of the DNA Cowboys
13. The Neural Atrocity
14. Synaptic Manhunt
15. I Know When You Lie
16. Second Coming
17. Lunatics with Nothing to Lose
18. Something to Do Between Cigarettes
19. Taste the Blue (Live at Spaceland, Silverlake, 2001)
20. Going to Las Vegas (Live at Rajis, 1993)

CD 3
01. Back in the Day
02. Blue Lagoon
03. Hotrod
04. Electroglide
05. Mod N' Rocker Blues
06. Free
07. Light Years From Home
08. Steamhammer
09. West 11
10. Crossroads
11. August
12. Exit Stage Left
13. River Deep, Mountain High
14. Tin Soldier
15. Black Hole Sun
16. Summer In The City
17. You're No Good
18. I Wanna Be Sedated
19. Shakin' All Over

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