Tom Waits - Live at the Bottom Line in New York December 18, 1976 (2023)

Tom Waits - Live at the Bottom Line in New York December 18, 1976 (2023)

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Rock Blues

In the work of American songwriter Tom Waits, swampy blues, Beat poetry, West Coast jazz, Tin Pan Alley, country, 1930s-era cabaret, and post-Civil War parlor songs meet neon-lit carnival music and the wheezing, clattering, experimental rhythms (often played by makeshift musical instruments from car radios to metal pipes and tin cans, hence his love of Edgard Varese and Harry Partch) form a keenly individual musical universe. It has often been imitated but never replicated.
[9:36] 1. Tom Waits - Eggs and Sausage (In a Cadillac with Susan Michelson) & Fumblin' with the Blues (Live)
[11:14] 2. Tom Waits - Jitterbug Boy & the One That Got Away (Live)
[8:22] 3. Tom Waits - Pasties & a G-String (At the Two O'clock Pub) (Live)
[4:05] 4. Tom Waits - (Looking For) the Heart of Saturday Night (Live)
[6:19] 5. Tom Waits - Emotional Weather Report (Live)
[4:15] 6. Tom Waits - I Wish I Was in New Orleans (In the Ninth Ward) (Live)
[5:25] 7. Tom Waits - Small Change (Got Rained on with His Own 38) (Live)
[9:54] 8. Tom Waits - Pare Parts (Live)
[5:31] 9. Tom Waits - Invitation to the Blues (Live)
[3:54] 10. Tom Waits - Cemetery Polka (Live)
[2:54] 11. Tom Waits - Depot, Depot (Live)
[20:12] 12. Tom Waits - San Diego Serenade, New Coat of Paint, Putnam County, Big Joe & Phantom 309 (Live)

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