VA - My Favourite Mini Disco Songs [2CD] (2017)


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VA - My Favourite Mini Disco Songs [2CD] (2017)

Mp3 CBR 256 kbps | Pop, Disco | 1:55:05 | 2CD | 220 Mb

01. Mambo No 5- Lou Bega
02. Hey Baby- Dj Otzi
03. Is This The Way To Amarillo-Tony Christie
04. Follow Da Leader-Nigel And Marvin
05. Fast Food Song- Fast Food Rockers
06. 5,6,7,8-Steps
07. Hot Potato-The Wiggles
08. The Ketchup Song (New Version)
09. Ymca (New Version)
10. Superman (New Version)
11. Agadoo (New Version)
12. If You’re Happy And You Know It (New Version)
13. I Am The Music Man (New Version)
14. Barbie Girl (New Version)
15. The Time Warp (New Version)
16. Witch Doctor (New Version)
17. Head, Shoulders Knees And Toes (New Version)
18. Cotton Eye Joe-Rednex
19. The Hokey-Cokey (New Version)

01. We Speak No Americano- El Georgeo (New Version)
02. Macarena (New Version)
03. Dragostea Din Tei (New Version)
04. Cha Cha Slide- Dj Whisper (New Version)
05. Hands Up - El Georgeo (New Version)
06. Livin La Vida Loca (New Version)
07. La Bomba - El Georgeo (New Version)
08. Hold Ya Head (Shake It Up) (New Version)
09. Veo, Veo – El Georgeo (New Version)
10. Ram Zam,Zam - El Georgeo (New Version)
11. Chucu Chucu (El Tren) - El Georgeo (New Version)
12. Saturday Night (New Version)
13. Hot, Hot, Hot (New Version)
14. The Court Of King Caractacus - Rik Gaynor
15. The Finger Song (New Version)
16. Ven Ven Ven - El Georgeo (New Version)
17. Holiday (New Version)
18. The Birdie Song (New Version)
19. The Conga (New Version)

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