Any Image 5.1

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Any Image 5.1

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Any Image is a tool for doing high quality image file conversions.

Converts large batches of image files just as easily as a single file.
Supports many different image file formats.
Supports several types of text meta data (native formats, EXIF, IPTC IMM, Adobe XMP, …)
Unicode is supported for file names as well as many forms of text meta data.
True support for deep color and HDR image formats (16-bit integer and 32-bit floating point data/color component).
High quality Floyd-Steinberg dithering available when converting to lower bit-depths - greatly enhances the subjective image quality.
High quality image processing options (e.g. image resizing, framing, un-dithering, sharpness, saturation, contrast, gamma, rotation, mirroring).
High quality color palette optimization when writing palette-indexed images (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256 colors).
Alpha plane, transparency color, and text fields are converted for all formats that support it.
Unique option to compress JPEG's to a target file size as an alternative to the usual 'quality' parameter.
Optimal compression of PGN files with a 'Super optimize' option.
Options useful for web or game graphics, e.g. "Set alpha plane from second file" and "Use optimal shared palette for all files".
Automatically create HTML image tables for image galleries or thumbnail indexes.
Write to multiple output formats in a single batch run.
Command line interface for doing unattended conversions.

Whats New
Added supported for reading and writing Animated PNG's using the "APNG extension" (.PNG or .APNG). This can be used to translate to, or from, animated GIF's. NB; to write APNG, you must select "Animated PNG" in the data formats list, next to the file format drop-down.
Added support for reading and writing JPEG's using Arithmetic-encoding (this gives 5-10% smaller files with an identical image compared to the normal Huffman-encoding - but alas it is not very widely supported since this optional part of the JPEG spec was covered by a patent until recently).
Added support for reading .LBM images using the old Amiga modes HAM8, HAM6 and Half-Brite.
Added a -FILTER command line switch allowing filtering of file types when adding files from directories in command line mode (e.g. -FILTER "abc*.jpg").
Added a "Set PPI" option, that allows you to set, or override, image ppi/dpi meta data for all images in the batch (this is useful if your publisher demands "all images in 300 dpi").
Fixed several issues with animated .GIF's.
40% faster JPEG decoding.


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