Xshell 5 Commercial 5 Build 0806

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Xshell 5 Commercial 5 Build 0806

Xshell 5 Commercial 5 Build 0806 | 28 Mb

Xshell is a powerful terminal emulator that supports SSH, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and SERIAL. It delivers industry leading performance and feature sets that are not available in its free alternatives. Features that enterprise users find useful include tabbed environment, dynamic port forwarding, custom key mapping, user defined buttons, VB scripting, and UNICODE terminal for displaying 2 byte characters and international language support.

Xshell offers many user friendly features that are not available in other terminal emulators. These features include Zmodem file upload by drag and drop, Zmodem file download by selecting the file name, simple mode, full screen mode, transparency option and custom layout mode. These features will save time and effort when performing terminal tasks.

Replaces insecure telnet clients.
Xshell supports VT100, VT220, VT320, XTERM, LINUX, SCOANSI and ANSI terminal emulation and provides various terminal appearance options replacing legacy telnet clients.

Supports secure connections for X11 and arbitrary TCP/IP applications.
Xshell supports the port forwarding feature over the SSH tunneling mechanism, so that all TCP/IP applications can share the secure connection without any modification on the program.

Maximize your productivity with built-in user convenience features
Xshell is packed with built-in user convenience features that cannot be found in any other terminal emulator. Features such as tabbed session, Compose bar, window arrangement, instant port forwarding, X11 forwarding, Quick Command bar, and instant layout switch are designed to help users to perform their remote task faster and more efficiently.

Don’t let others take a pick at your information
Xshell supports various security features such as SSH1/SSH2 protocols, password, and DSA/RSA public key user authentication methods, and encrypts all traffics with various encryption algorithms.It is essential to keep your data safe with the built-in Xshell security features, because the traditional connection protocols such as TELNET and Rlogin can leave your network traffic vulnerable to anyone with little bit of network knowledge. Xshell can help you protect your data from hackers.

Multiple languages in a single screen? Xshell is ready when you are
Xshell is the first of its kind that has UTF-8 based terminal. With Xshell, multiple languages can be displayed on a single screen and there is no need to switch between different language encodings. As more businesses are moving towards providing their services, databases and applications in UTF-8 format, there is increasing demand for a terminal emulator that supports UTF-8 encoding. And, Xshell can help you handling the multiple language environment.

Xshell 5 Build 0806, Nov 09, 2015
ADD: Flash Taskbar bell option
ADD: Support for Xmodem, Ymodem
ADD: Status bar now displays session description
ADD: Compose bar now contains visual icons to indicate where strings are being sent
ADD: Xshell now allows for copying rich text format
MOD: Changing the Host Key now produces a more straightforward warning
FIX: Problems in the UI when magnifying the window to 200%
FIX: When using the Classic Theme in Windows, the toolbar is is not displayed properly
FIX: After enabling the "Push erased screen into Scroll Buffer" option, the reset command erases the scroll buffer
FIX: Unable to use Agent forwarding with IPv6
FIX: When intiating an Xftp session from Xshell, the current path is not communicated properly
FIX: Selected area moves when using tmux, etc.
FIX: Timeout applied to waitForString
FIX: Regardless of the authentication option, Single Process mode only allows for dialog based authentication
FIX: After a successful ftp connection from the Local Shell, commands such as ls, get, etc. do not function
FIX: Error message does not appear when failing to save a session
FIX: Able to create a session without inputting the required session information
FIX: Connection fails when there is a string output in the startup script
FIX: When tunneling is set to use loopback (, Xshell listens for all devices (

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