Unreal Engine Marketplace - Full Realtime Industrial Environment (4.26)

Unreal Engine Marketplace - Full Realtime Industrial Environment (4.26)
Requirement: Unreal Engine 4.26 | File size: 941 MB
An industrial environment. Full realtime, no scans. Project contains some modules (walls, doors, windows, vents) and many decorators (concrete blocks, electrical parts, decals, props..) all of which can be used as a quick "starter kit" for such environments. Sample map uses simple blueprint for creating buildings and other repeatable objects with mesh instancing, and contains day/ night switch with lighting scenarios.

reusable props for quick environment creation
project is adjusted for efficient full real-time rendering
switchable day/ night with lighting scenarios
simple material setup, for easy integration
windows with cubemap interiors
average texel density around 512 x 1 m^2
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