Unreal Engine Marketplace - Marmudella House Mega Pack V4 (4.22-4.26)

Unreal Engine Marketplace - Marmudella House Mega Pack V4 (4.22-4.26)
Requirement: Unreal Engine 4.22-4.26 | File size: 8.3 GB
High quality collection of objects to mount or add to outdoor scenes, gardens in VR, archviz and video games.

All the assets are middle poly retaining all the details of each of them, optimized the best possible, all use lods.
Foliage (add 9 Ivys in version 4)Total 20
Assets garden, (add Version 4: 8 Palms tree and 4 Trees ) total 164
31 Rocks Corners
21 Flowers and plants in total (add Version 4: 2 Agave)
52 Assets for House interior/exterior.
13 rooftiles modular.
84 storageroom Objects
33 Swimmings pool models, + 8 stairs
122 accesories swimming pool(loose parts, electric cables, pipes too)
2 level
15 decals
1 menú example
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